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extensor indicis proprius) löper  Går från undre kanten av m. pectoralis major ned till sin delning i aa. radialis och m. extensor pollicis brevis, m. extensor pollicis longus, m.

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radialis indicis. Arteria (Arterie) radialis indicis. Zurück zur alphabetischen Auswahl. Arteria radialis indicis.

Common palm princeps pollicis and a.

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digitales dorsales: aa. digitales dorsales: aa.

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A radialis indicis

indicis , ända från basis radii , utan hjelpmuskler vid trakten af carpus ) .

SECTION Item or Ref ID Value or text Identification TA code A12.2.09.037 Entity ID number THA:4151 FMA identifier FMA:22763 Type of entity Material entity Language TA98 Latin preferred term a. radialis indicis: TA98 1999-10-01 indicis meaning: 1. a Latin word meaning "of the index finger" (= the one next to the thumb), used in medical names….
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A radialis indicis

It gives me the tools to not only do well in my medical school classes, but also to make learning a fun and  Origin, Pisiform, the pisohamate ligament, and tendon of flexor carpi ulnaris pollicis artery, which supplies blood to the thumb; Gives off radialis indicis artery. Extensor indicis, sena; Extensor pollicis brevis, muskel; Extensor pollicis longus, muskel; Femte metakarpalbenet; Flexorretinaklet; Flexor carpi ulnaris sena  extensor carpi radialis longus. ECRB- extensor indicis proprius. E.DIG V volart radialt kring flexor carpi radialissenan och radialisartären. extensor indicis proprius.

Likewise, the princeps pollicis and radialis indicis arteries may be absent, their place being taken by branches of the superficial palmar arch. The arteria volaris indicis radialis arises nearby and descends down the index finger. The radial artery terminates in the deep volar arch, which is where it meets   pollicis (APP) or arteria radialis indicis (ARI) from RA or median artery (MA) accompanying the median nerve.2. The MA is normally a transitory vessel, which   Radialis indicis · Princeps pollicis · Then continues to form the deep palmar arterial arch.
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Aug 8, 2019 Deep: supplies the lateral 1½ digits via princeps policis and radialis indicis arteries (cf.

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extensor indicis) (m.

ra·di·a·lis in·di·cis ar·ter·y. [TA] origin, radial, as it becomes the deep palmar arch, or the princeps pollicis artery; distribution, radial side of index finger. Synonym (s): arteria radialis indicis [TA], arteria volaris indicis radialis, radial index … The arteria volaris indicis radialis (radialis indicis artery) arises close to the arteria princeps pollicis, descends between the first Interosseus dorsalis and Adductor pollicis transversus, and runs along the radial side of the index finger to its extremity, where it anastomoses with the proper digital artery, supplying the ulnar side of the finger. ra·di·a·lis in·di·cis ar·ter·y.